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Reclamation and Refurbishment

The Ship2Q reclamation process ensures a certified shipper every time

Business Model

Our business model spans across all three shipment legs explained below. We provide customized solutions for each or all shipment legs based on our customer requirements.
  • Shipment Leg #1: Customer Facility ships parcel shippers containing their product to Sites (Client Facility/Customer Warehouse)
  • Shipment Leg #2: Client Facility or Customer Warehouse receives the product and uses return labels on the parcel shippers to send boxes back to Sonoco ThermoSafe Facility for reclamation
  • Shipment Leg #3: Sonoco ThermoSafe ships parcel shippers for reuse to Client Facility

Technology Solution

Integrated for comprehensive material management

  • High performance environmental control system (Shipper)
    • Most advanced thermal management technology available
    • Verified performance studies & packout protocols
    • Critical components reclaimed for re-use
  • Reclamation SHIP2Q - Safe Hygienic Irradiation Performance Process & Qualification
    • Ensures components performance to original manufacturer specifications
    • Detailed inspection & record of performance profile assessment
    • Cleaning/Decontamination UV sanitization destroys viability of DNA/RNA based organisms
  • Inventory control, accountability, & uniformity of logistics model
    • Web based part 11 compliant inventory management for 100% visibility
    • Provides analytics and business intelligence key to process improvement
To contact one of our recycling specialists or to know more about our offerings, please email
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