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From design and thermal testing to compliance documentation and consulting, Sonoco ThermoSafe's ISC Labs provides a full range of services to create high quality, customized packaging that protects the safety and security of your most valuable products.

Customized, Cost-Effective Packaging

Founded in 1989, ISC Labs is the global leader in innovative design and testing services within the temperature assurance packaging industry. Experienced engineers and analysts provide responsive and personalized service for each customer. Our procedures and documentation have evolved over the past twenty years based upon the trends and demands of our highly regulated customers.

Industry leading thermal modeling capabilities enable rapid development of highly optimized custom solutions. Multiple design alternatives are presented to allow each customer the ability to easily analyze their options. Materials including EPS, PUR,VIP, and phase change materials are prototyped as necessary. Thermal testing is accompanied by distribution testing to prove each temperature assurance packaging solution not only maintains temperature control but also withstands the rigors of distribution.

ISC Labs leverages Sonoco ThermoSafe's global breadth of manufacturing locations and diversified product offering to source the necessary packaging components through out the world. Laboratory and engineering staff work with clients throughout all phases of the packaging development and testing process. Engineering professionals review test progress, develop modifications, and recommend alternative approaches to ensure the client’s valuable products maintain their temperature requirements during each stage of the “cold chain”.

Thermal testing is performed in ISC Labs state-of-the-art thermal test chambers located in greater metropolitan Philadelphia, PA and Chicago, IL facilities. ISC Labs provides optimized and elegant temperature assurance solutions and is a valued strategic partner of their clients.

Engineering Capabilities

  • Engineers with backgrounds in packaging, mechanical, biomedical, chemical, and electrical engineering, materials sciences, and quality assurance.
  • Multiple US locations for convenient access and personalized service. Located in greater metropolitan Philadelphia, PA and Chicago, IL regions. Additional engineering support located in Europe.
  • Most advanced thermal modeling capabilities in the industry. Increased accuracy optimizes solutions and decreases project timelines. Allows for a timely analysis and understanding of a wide range of potential solutions.
  • Vast prototyping and sampling capabilities for EPS, PUR, VIP, and phase change materials.
  • Database of twenty plus years of temperature assurance solutions.

Testing Capabilities

  • Most extensive testing capabilities in the industry.
  • 18 walk-in thermal test chambers capable of maintaining temperatures between -30°C to 60°C with humidity up to 90%. Each chamber is capable of holding up to four standard pallets.
  • Comprehensive industry guided test reports that conform to FDA, USDA, and HACCP guidelines.
  • Testing procedures and reports have been refined by over 100 audits within the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and other FDA regulated industries.
  • ISTA certified lab following a cGMP based methodology, conforming to PDA technical report 39 and ASTM standards.
  • Data acquisition equipment calibrated to NIST traceable standards to ensure data integrity.
  • Distribution testing – ISTA Procedures: 1 series, 2 series, 3A, 3E, 3F. ASTM, UN/IATA, and other procedures are available upon request.

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